Company Profile


Chongqing Hydropower Equipment Co., Ltd. (CHPE) is specially working for supplying complete sets of hydro-power equipment and service. We have being supported by new and advanced technology from special institute, university and reputable manufactories.

CHPE has enough ability and rich experience to design complete set of hydropower equipment, calculate the constant and parameter of equipments, select the type of equipment in technology and economic, make auxiliary facility and materials matching with equipment according to technical and economic requirements, transport, undertake or supervise erection, test and commissioning of complete equipment, train operation workers for clients, provide long terms after-sale service and so on.

CHPE has enough capacity and rich experience to manage a joint venture corporation formed with special hydropower design institute and civil construction company for EPC or BOT building hydropower plant. According to feedback information from users of equipments supplied by CHPE, the output, noise, running stability and reliability of running equipment all met the design requirements and/or better than expected results.

CHPE insists to perform the tenet of “Quality First,Customers Supreme”. We assure the good quality products, advanced technology and “A” class service to be offered.

Ethics and Integrity

A unique culture of integrity and commitment to clients and to each other

Chongqing Hydropower Equipment Company Limited (CHPE) and its sections are committed to the highest levels of ethics, integrity and quality. This is evidenced by the business practices and client service standards applied by sections, along with their leadership behavior and shared values and, most importantly, the quality of the people they employ. Ethics, integrity and quality are at the core of everything that CHPE do.

CHPE and its sections strive to do not only what is legal, but what is right. CHPE people have high professional and ethical standards, and demonstrate these standards every day through the delivery of quality professional services. They understand that doing the right thing means operating within the letter and the spirit of the laws that govern their professions and the global marketplace.

Culture of integrity

Integrity and ethical behavior are both core aspects of CHPE culture. They guide our people in making business decisions, in the actions they take, and in the way they treat their clients and each other. CHPE sustains this culture by providing an open and consultative environment, which encourages CHPE people to raise issues and discuss differences of opinion. In addition, CHPE sections work hard to provide all of their people with the appropriate tools and guidance, to ensure that they can make ethical decisions and take responsible actions every day.

Ethical principles

The ethical principles of CHPE sections are at the heart of this effort. Adopted by each of the sections and directly linked to the global shared values of CHPE, these nine principles define the standards for ethical behavior that unite all CHPE people. In particular, the principles offer guidance about appropriate ethical and professional conduct, covering areas that are of critical importance to the sections’ clients, people and local communities.

Honesty and integrity — we act with honesty and integrity.

Professional behavior — we operate within the letter and the spirit of applicable laws.

— we bring appropriate skills and capabilities to every client assignment.