LOXO-ESD-9100 Type Intelligent Electric Spark Bead Welding Repair Machine

LOXO-ESD-9100 Type Intelligent Electric Spark Bead Welding Repair Machine



LOXO-ESD-9100 Type Intelligent Electric Spark Bead Welding Repair Machine


Bright spots in technology:

  • 焊补速度是市场同类冷焊机的5~10倍。

Welding repair speed is 5-10 times of similar electro spark deposition in the market.

  • 铝合金焊补效率:3*3mm缺陷10秒钟左右

Aluminum alloy welding repair efficiency: about 10 s for 3*3mm defect

  • 设备特点:

Device features:

  • 智能化:常用材质<铜、铁、镁、铝、锌>参数经验值固有存储,可直接选择焊补材质即可。

Intelligent: for general material <copper, iron, magnesium, aluminum, zinc>, parameter empirical value inherent memory. Welding repair materials can be selected directly.

  • 技术先进:采用独特的斩波软开关技术,输出控制精确。

Advanced technology: Unique chopping soft-switching technology is used; output control is accurate.

  • 高效节能:虽然只有1000W的功率,但焊补的速度、效果却是第一代冷焊机4000W的数倍。

Energy-efficient: Although only 1000w, the welding repair speed and efficiency are several times of Electro Spark Deposition with 4000W in the first generation.

  • 熔接强度高:具备熔焊功能,结合强度更高,致密性好。由于本焊机的单点输出能量高,焊材的每一个单点以熔融的状态结合到基体,形成冶金结合,产生极强的结合力。

High heat seal strength: has welding function, higher bonding strength, and good compactness. By high single point output energy of the welding machine, each single point of the welding material is bonded in the substrate in liquated condition to form the metallurgical bonding and generate strength binding force.

  • 对铜、铝的优秀焊补效果:由于瞬间的高能量输出,有效的解决了铜铝等高导电率金属的焊补,克服了普通点火花堆焊结合不牢的缺点。

Excellent welding repair effect for copper and aluminum: Due to the instantaneous high energy output, welding repair to copper and aluminum etc. high conductive metal has been effectively solved, and overcome the disadvantage of insecure bonding of ordinary spark overlaying.

  • 基体无退火和变形:基体无需预热,堆焊的过程是微区内瞬间的热量输入-散失的反复过程,基体不会有过多的温升,因而无变形、咬边和残余应力,不会产生局部退火。

Without annealing and deformation in the substrate: Preheating is not needed in the substrate. The overlaying process is the repetitive process between instantaneous heat input and loss in the area. There will be no overmuch temperature rise in substrate. Thus there is no deformation, undercut, residual stress and incomplete annealing.

  • 黑色金属、有色金属铸件直接补焊:无需预热处理,直接补焊,焊后工件无变形,无开裂,无咬边现象,无需退火处理,可通过各种加工方式。

Direct repair welding to ferrous and non-ferrous casting: Preheating is unnecessary. Repair wielding directly. Without deformation, craze, undercut in the work piece after wielding. Annealing treatment is unnecessary. It can be processed by various processing methods

  • 修复精度高:堆焊厚度从几微米到几毫米,即使没有加工余量的产品也可进行补焊,修补打磨抛丸后无色差。

Repair of high precision: The thickness of overlaying is from several microns to several millimeters. Even though the product without working allowance, there will be no chromatic aberration after repair and burnishing.

  • 一机多用:可进行堆焊、压铸模具表面强化(被覆)等功能。可对黑色金属(球铁、灰铁、不锈钢等)、有色金属(铜、铝等)进行焊补。

A machine serves several purposes: can do overlaying, and surface strengthening (coat) of the die-casting mould function etc. It can weld up the ferrous metal (ductile iron, gray iron, stainless steel etc.), non-ferrous metals (copper, aluminum etc.).

  • 环保性:工作过程中无任何污染。

Environmental protection property: no any pollution during work.

  • 使用性:任何人都容易使用,无须操作证,难焊接的地方也可进行堆焊。

Usability: Easy to use for anyone. Operation certificate is unnecessary. Overlaying can be done at the place at where it is difficult to wield.

  • 经济性:在现场立刻修复,提高生产效率,节省费用。

Economy: immediate repair at the scene, which enhances productivity, and save cost.

  • 设备应用:

Device application


Casting products for automobile parts: repair for casting defect in automobile crankshaft, piston, cylinder, inlet manifold, brake disc etc, such as air blister, air pore etc.


Engineering industry and machine toll industry: amend the work piece of out of tolerance or worn, such as repair machine tool slide guide, lathe bed, axle and tooth parts of large machinery, cold roll and hot roll for steel rolling, hydraulic rod of engineering machinery, roller of printing press etc.


Aviation and shipbuilding industry: compressor housing, air compressor housing, stainless steel precision part, precise axle etc. Repair the products in petrochemical engineering, coal, and engineering machinery industry etc.


Non-ferrous metal piece in various industries, such as aluminum alloy of SF6 transformer in electric power industry, aluminum cylinder,cylinder cover, wheel hub in auto industry, aluminum alloy vane wheel of the fan, aluminum alloy radiator etc.


Aluminum alloy water heating valve, pipe fitting etc.

注塑模具:模具的磨损、碰伤、划痕等的焊补, 消除产品的飞边、毛刺。

Injection mold: repair weld the abrasion, bumping, and scratch etc in mould. eliminate the trimming, and burr in the product.


Die-casting mould: etch, drop, damage in zinc-aluminum die-casting mould, cavity and casting mouth.


Copper alloy mould: die wear, defect, and corrosion.                                   表面强化,延长模具的使用寿命。

By surface strengthening, prolong the lifetime of mould.


Applicable welding material:


Due to the unique control method of ESD-9100, high output energy, and precise control, the applicability of the welding material is very wide. Besides the general specialty spark overlaying materials, the straight welding materials with 1.2-3.2 mm used in other welding machines are applicable. Ordinary welding electrode can be also used after removing the coating.


Device parameters



LOXO-ESD-9100 输入电源

Input power



1000W 电压范围




50-500Hz 输出百分比

Output Percentage



18KG 外形尺寸